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About Us

Surbhi gaushala was started by Pushpendraprasad Pande belonging to the Lord Swaminarayan family in the year 1998 with a view of serving the Gaumata with optimum care and love with respect. The gaushala initially found 2 Gaumata namely Sarita and Gopi from the eastwhile princely state of Bhadwa Kumar Shri Bhupendrasinhji Jadeja. Today we have 83 Gaumata which are all the lineage of the first two cows we got.

Our activities are to give maximum comfort and respect to the Gaumata and maybe we are the only gaushala that provide maximum milk to calfs by feeding them 3 teats and take milk from just one. Our calfs stay 24×7 with their mothers till they turn 1 month of age (usually small calfs are separated from their mothers the same day they are born) we work as per vedic ways and believe that milk is not an important factor but the mere existence of Gaumata is what counts.

We have seen to this that in the past years we managed to obtain some of the best male calfs from good milking Gaumata’s and have raised them till they turn 1 year and provided the same to good caring homes at very nominal price and at some religious places we have also gifted the males. We sincerely see to this that none of our male calf go in the wrong hands where they would suffer and we are in constant touch with the owners and also advice them the keeping do’s and donts.

We also help with advices to those newbie’s who wish to start with serving Gaumata. We prepare medicine from Gaumutra known as Ark , prepare cow dung patties for havan/yagnas and sell the same to sustain the gaushala to a certain extent. We are the maybe only highest salary paying gaushala to our workers as they are not mere workers but also they are contanstly serving the Gaumata. No matter what odds come across maybe financial or whatsoever we do not compromise with the well keeping of the Gaumata. In the last few years the young males we had provided to other places have produced the best calfs that are true to breed as well as good milkers, for which we believe we succeded in serving the Gaumata. Our gaushala however is at present not a state of caring for those suffering Gaumata’s on roadside as we have limited resources and land for fodder though we have brought sometimes injured Gaumata at our gaushala and served them with medications and later shifted them to shelters in Sirohi and elsewhere where gaushala’s get constant govt aid in the form of medicine and finance. Regarding our medical treatments wherever needed we used the best standard company medications rather than low quality ones.

Our only aim for the gaushala is proving the word gaushala the way it should be ie a gaushala is a place where cows sit in comfort and security with stomach full content and stay happily with their little ones and siblings.


Salary of sewadars that look after the GovanshINR 1425
Average medical expensesINR 500
Grain and concentrate expenseINR 2000
Maintenance expensesINR 1500
Per Govansh expenceINR 275
Dry fodderINR 3750
Green fodderINR 2500
Other miscellaneous expencesINR 1500
Sponser a Gauvansh for 1 yearINR 1,11,000
Sponser a Govansh for 3 yearINR 251000
Sponser a Gauvansh for lifeINR 851000
Annkshetra for children donationsunlimited
Temple donationsunlimited
SURBHI ASHRAM retired Govansh shelter and Nandishala, is our dream project where retired Govansh especially the old age Bullocks who spend their last phase of life either on roadside or are pushed to illegal slaughter houses, for them we look forward to develop a well equipped organised shelter adjoining our Ashram and for this we need ample donations to create this Madhya Vrindavan type shelter. Please donate with generous open hands and help us accomplish this project.
We kindly request the generous donaters to specify where do they wish to donate for which purpose mentioned above.

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