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Save Gaumata
Call it the human specie or the nature around in the form of farm lands every bit has been nurtured by Gaumata and ...
Positive Blessings.
The cow is said as the most kind hearted innocent living being, which is why taking care of such a noble being ...
Gaumata blessings
When a Gaumata blesses a donor or sewak, she gifts the person and his/her family with spiritual, mental and ...
The human being comes directly in contact with Godhead when the human being indulges in Gausewa.
Purify Your Wealth
The wealth spent after Gausewa benefits in purifying the remaining wealth that may have come from wrong sources of ...
Gauseva is best
What can be more beneficial when a human being selflessly takes care of a Gaumata by physical or fianancial way.