The Ashram and the occupants are imperfect in the absence of its conscience, everybody’s Palanhar- Bhagwan Charbhuja Dwarkadhish Ranchodraayji Prabhu and all of it is kept an eye on by his Ananya Bhakt Shri Raamdoot Hanumanji Maharaj.

With his Enlightenment the Ashram remains immaculate of purity around. Two Garbgrih are located in the front of the Ashram and bless the dwellers who surround the temple. The cows who refine the aura of the Ashram abide all the time with the temple rituals and Pooja be it Utthapan, Niranjan, Bhog, Sandhya, or Shayan, maybe the holy pious Sankirtan (devotional songs) on the audio system which fill the Ashram with heart filling melodies all day. The happiness of the cows are shower of blessings, it makes one feel the sight of Vrindavan when once Lord Krishna played his flute among the cow herd and right now must be playing in the Gaulok. The scenario winds up at night when everyone goes to peaceful slumber.

After the Bhog or the Lord’s Food offering is done with, the first part of the Prasad is given to Mother cow with whose milk the Ashram flourishes its very being.

The temple premises is equipped with Hawan Kund (holy consecrated fire) where weekly Hawan is performed and devotees from elsewhere can do the offerings to the sacred fire with the pure Gau ghee and other raw offerings available at the Ashram. The Hawan is also done with dry cow dung cakes in the Ashram which make it a more pure communication of prayers offered to the Devtas.

The ashes which remain in the end are powdered around the Ashram in all the areas where the cows sit in comfort most of the time.

Rajadhiraj Ranchodraayji Prabhu
Kashthbhanjandev Hanuman ji Maharaj

The Ghee that is extracted itself in Gaushala, is also used to light up the endless burning Diya before Bhagwan Dwarikadhish and the part that is left is used to make Prasadam.

The dhoop or the incense sticks that are burned before the lord to make the place more reverent and full the air surrounding with fragrance is made out of the Cow dung prepared in the Gaushala itself.

There are times when if someone in the herd is afflicted to health difficulties we sprinkle the Charnamrut water of Bhagwan upon them which is a pray for cure along with medicinal treatments.

During the auspicious occasions of Makar Sakranti, Holi/Dhuleti, Janmastami, Deepawali, Ram Navmi, Hanuman Jayanti, Dusherra and on the Birthdays of our regular Devotees who support us with their best done, special prasadams are made and distributed to everyone around in the Gauvansh.

We look forward to develop the temple further as beautiful as possible in the near future. Temple is the residence of Bhagwan and always should be well equipped and comfortable for the Dev as well as for the Bhakts who come for the darshan. We accept unlimited donations for the development of the temple.